Saturday, October 15, 2005

All Wrong

Today I was way off. I had this audition for a thesis film. The impression I got from the character description was that I was auditioning for the role of a sixteen year-old girl -- fun, young and hip. The character's words seemed more mature than that, but I thought I should go with the description. I put my hair in braids and wore hip huggers and a great t-shirt I found when I was shopping with my small sister in the fashion district. I wore peach lip gloss and didn't put eyeliner on my bottom lid so I'd look fresh and young. I thought I was ready.

Wow. I got there, and the director said she was more of a hippy. She was a bit older and not as perky. I gave him the best read I could muster, but I was dressed all wrong for what he intended. What's funny about wardrobe is that it helps me get into the beingness of the character. I wear one skirt for sexy, one skirt for young mom, and one skirt for office worker. I wear certain shoes so I move correctly for the age and vibe of the character. I even wear different bras for different things. I was dressed for going to high school or the mall. He wanted someone who would smoke pot and have a live-in boyfriend.

My bad.

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