Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Elusive SAG Voucher

Today I learned about the elusive SAG voucher. The SAG voucher is made out to be difficult -- nay, impossible -- to get. I've heard legends of people who have worked as extras for months on end with the sole hope of getting a SAG voucher but coming home empty handed. Three of these mythical vouchers will grant one eligibility to join the Screen Actors Guild. As a member of SAG, one is guaranteed better pay, mandatory breaks, overtime pay, decent working conditions and insurance and pension (if you work enough).

I entered the realm of the voucher today. Here's how complicated it was: I showed up early for my call time at my commercial stand-in job. (My agent submitted me for the job, a much coveted union gig.) A gal wrote my name and ticked a few boxes on a form. I signed my name twice and provided tax information. Whammy!

Damn. That was tough. One down, two to go. I hope it's not any harder to get my voucher tomorrow.

Har har har.

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