Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Love Boise

I did the most AMAZING commercial workshop today! A friend of mine, Boise Thomas, has booked 52 commercials in five years. About two years ago, he started teaching friends what he did to book work. It's developed into this well-organized one-day class that contains nothing but applicable data.

I went into the class having gotten auditions through my agent for some really great commercials (big stuff - an electronics store, a television network, a discount store, a truck, a computer line) but not booking any of them. Boise gave great advice on wanting to get people to say "No" (because then you're closer to getting your next "Yes"). He also taught practical techniques that he uses in his auditions and drilled us so we can use them in our own. We did a talent assessment with the class so other people would shout out what type we are (I'm girl-next-door with edge), what products we would sell (tampons, apparently), and how old we could be. After lunch, he shared stories about different commercials he books and what he did in each one that got him the job. We jotted down those things so we can use them as our own tools. (It seems hard to find someone in this industry who really wants you to do as well as them and will share everything they know with you.)

I left SO excited about my career. I made plans and decisions about what I want. I'm taking my talent assessment to my agent with a bunch of "thank you" chocolates for getting me that stand-in gig. I hope I can get them as excited as I am. His workshop was worth at least twice what he charges.

To find out more about Boise, check out To find out more about his workshop (and the success rate), visit

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