Friday, October 28, 2005


Today was Snoop Day. I did more stand-in work on this national commercial (which is nice work if you can get it). I saw Ellen Degeneres on set, and I got to block a segment of the commercial with Snoop Dog. Snoop-a-loop. That was fun. I was about two feet from him at one point. Of course, I don't have a camera phone and I didn't drag a disposable camera with me so I don't have any pix of the whole thing. But I can tell you that Snoop is very tall and very thin and very charismatic.

I had a fantastic day. I was there early enough to eat breakfast - on the production company. I sat in a trailer and watched a movie with a gal from the advertising agency and another stand-in. I talked to my boss and a co-worker and Andrew and my small sister on the phone. I did some reading, listened to my iPod, hit the craft services table for some tea and cookies.

Our lunch break was coming after the union rules permit, so I made more money from meal penalties (another great thing about doing union work). Now, they didn't starve me. God no. I had a sub sandwich and some grapes and chips and access to as many snacks as I wanted to eat. It just wasn't official meal break time (with the real plates and silverware). I earned a pretty penny off that.

Anyway, back to the work. I talked with another stand-in and almost took a nap. They called me around 2:30 PM to go up and do my thing. I hauled ass getting upstairs to get to work - that's what I was there for. I met a really nice country band that performs locally and chatted with them while I did my work. Snoop came in. I spent about thirty minutes under the lights, then I stood by for about thirty minutes while they shot the bit with Martina McBride. Then I was sent downstairs to wait to be signed out. Lunch was served as I was signing out, but I was ready to get home to see my dogs after a long day of work.

I love this industry!

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