Sunday, November 20, 2005

Creative Genius Has a Name

Andrew wrote a play. It's called Torrid Affaire. It's a funny and touching story about five girls at a lingerie party, and the men they love.

It's a brilliant piece. Since we practically grew up together, I've had the pleasure of reading all of his plays and screenplays as he's worked on them. I've paged through them with a red pencil (or purple pen) and corrected spelling and grammar. I've had the joy of being the sounding board when he was trying to work through tough spots. The monologues I use for auditions came from his works, and people tend to love them.

He really is amazing. This piece is written like women actually talk. There is something of a scarcity of great material for chicks, and this helps fill that void. We're putting up the show in early 2006. I'm so excited about this project.

You should check out his blog at Tell me if he says anything good about me. :)

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