Sunday, November 27, 2005

Great Theatre in the Valley

Andrew and I saw The Music Man at the Granada Theatre today. What a charming space! It's set up like a dinner theatre with rows of tables. The show was very cute. They had a neat set and very talented performers.

Part of what I found so charming was the table service. It isn't a full blown dinner theatre, but they do serve drinks and snacks for DIRT CHEAP. I had a $3 Shirley Temple, and for a dollar I got a huge bowl of white cheddar popcorn to eat during the show. They tout that the popcorn is legendary. I'd like to further that legend in my blog - incredible stuff.

Another part of the charm was that it really felt like a community of people. We had never been there before. After the show, all of the cast members lined the hall leading out. They shook hands, made eye contact and thanked us for coming. How many people do that these days and mean it?

I try to thank people after my shows, but I think I could learn from this community theatre and really acknowledge people who showed up to the theatre to receive my communication as an actor and gave me a reason the be there.

You can check out their theatre at

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