Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hollywood Types

I went to a different place to get my brows done today since I have a big audition Monday and my eyebrows looked like my little brother's. The place I normally go is really low key - not a lot of Hollywood blah blah, normal folks (it seems) as clientele, real down-to-earth. The place I went today was just up the street from my office. They were able to squeeze me in, and the cost of the brow job was less than my regular place.

It wasn't as down-to-earth. Very frou frou, very nice, strawberries and cookies to snack on at the door. Still, I liked it. They did a great job with my brows. There were some young Hollywood types talking about their agents and auditions and bikini waxes. I usually hate these types - very self-centered, everything is dramatic. No one really wants to hear everything about them, broadcasted by them louder than necessary.

They should just blog, like me. :)

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