Monday, November 21, 2005

If They Could See Me Now

Other people have seen my commercial. (Again, I know you don't see my face in it, but I did work on it and I got paid.) I was so excited when I booked it and so excited when I worked on it that I had to call everyone and my dogs to tell them about it. I think I called my small sister five times from set that Friday to report all the goings on.

My sister-in-law Chelley called last night to say she saw the commercial. Today Dave at my office said that he watched it. My brother Bart called me this afternoon to report that he saw it. Just imagine how many phone calls I'll get when I get face time!

What a fun industry. It's nice that people can see what I worked on, even if they don't get to see me. When they see how well lit Martina McBride is in the commercial that's edited for the South and the Midwest, they'll know that I was the one who made sure the lights would look great on her.

And I got my second check Friday. Woo-hoo! I got paid nicely for dinner being late (SAG penalties). Awesome!

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