Saturday, November 05, 2005

Intolerance (or How I Want to Beat Up Jackasses)

I'm going to take a moment on the soap box.

I'm a Scientologist. One person in each of two recent projects I did had negative expressions about my religion. Now, I've taken a lot of crap. I had two older brothers that I fought with as a kid, I was at least a year younger than everyone else in my class in school, and I've gotten the invalidative rejections as an actor. But janking on a religion -- mine or anyone else's -- is just NOT COOL.

In this town, you really have to be a professional. It doesn't matter what religion you think is odd or outdated or stupid, KEEP YOUR FOOL MOUTH SHUT! You never know who's standing next to you as you tell that "witty" joke. Maybe I'm sensitive, when someone janks on another religion, I'm just as pissed.

Ideally, you'll find something to admire about different religions. I love that Mormons spend two years just helping people so they can turn the tide of the world. I love that Jewish people are so devout with their rituals and I love asking them about the significance of their holidays. I love that Buddhists love mankind and are really trying to reach an ultimate truth. And Christians have been some of the most gracious and caring people I've ever known (like my father-in-law, the best Methodist minister I've heard yet).

There are so many beautiful things about every person. It's more fun to admire those differences and find something to like about each being. It also creates more genuine friendships.

And it protects you from being labeled "JACKASS" on my blog.

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