Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Me & My Mimey

In addition to all of my other squirrely little projects, I'm doing puppetry for a webseries called The Felties that I co-created with Andrew. We've done a nice chunk of comic strips and written a few episodes. We're just waiting for the puppets to be complete so we can round up our talent and shoot some episodes.

The puppets are almost finished. Today I saw most of the main characters in an email from our puppet builder, the Amazingly Talented Russ Walko. He really improved on the original puppet design and incorporated the style from the comics to create some fantastic-looking puppets. My puppet is Mimey, which is perfect because I'm not great with the lip synch. He looks fantastic!

For updates on The Felties (as Andrew posts them), go to www.thefelties.com.

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