Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Los Angeles T'giving

Since my family is nowhere near the West Coast, Andrew and I had to come up with something interesting to do for Thanksgiving. We usually go to a buffet or cook something at home, but not this year. Today we went to Medieval Times.

That place is so AWESOME! If you ever find yourself near one, go. For about $50 you get a huge plate of food (half a chicken, a meaty rib, garlic bread, soup and a pastry) and you get to see an amazing equestrian show and great stage fighting. It was well worth it.

The whole cycle takes about four hours. We showed up around 3:15 PM and picked up our tickets. They usher everyone in at 3:30 PM. We did photos with the princess then wandered the torture museum. We spent the next hour wandering the gift shop and getting a Shirley Temple in a horse cup from the bar. (It's a lot of time to spend wandering around, especially if you don't have kids to yell at or wads of cash to blow on souvenirs or a great passion for alcohol in collectible glasses.) At 4:45 PM we took our seats and waited for food. The food is served throughout the show. It was over at about 7 PM.

Great way to spend Thanksgiving. Quality food, quality show. Check out their website at

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