Saturday, November 12, 2005

Soul Food

As an artist, it's necessary to enrich one's understanding of the world with diverse stimuli. As an actor, it's important to step out of the psychosis which seems to be Los Angeles from time to time. My recommendation for killing these two birds: the Getty Center.

The Getty Center is free. It helps to find really cool things to do for free in this expensive city. Parking is $7. It sits on a mountain in Westwood. It has a view of the city, the mountains and the ocean. It has beautiful architectural gardens, and rooms and rooms of paintings and sculptures and photos to explore.

I went for about four hours, which includes the hour I spent scarfing down an awesome cheeseburger in the cafe there. I was exhausted when I left, but I felt like I got an aesthetic refill. I also felt like I wasn't in L.A. at all for those four hours but somewhere that was a cross between Florence, Italy, and West Mountain back in Hot Springs.

Check this place out at

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