Sunday, November 27, 2005

What's the Deal?

Andrew loaded some photos from my documentary, My First Trip to the Nude Beach, to a photo album online. The whole idea is to get the images on the web so we can access them easily for blogs and promo. There's nothing smutty or porny, but it's obvious that I'm naked in some of the stills. He uploaded them last night while I was asleep on the couch. He left them available for public viewing. Why not? The documentary is still in the editing phase so not a lot of folks know about it and wouldn't be looking for the images, right?

The photo of me on my stomach where you can see the top of my crack and the side of my boob was viewed 334 times by noon today. 334 times! Now, I don't think all of those folks had an interest in my documentary.

I guess the best way to view this overnight popularity is from a marketing aspect. If I could get each one of these people to buy my documentary on DVD, then I could make a little bit of money. (And again, there's nothing smutty or porny about it.)

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