Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where to Look!

I emailed Boise to find out what to do in the situations where the session director asks me to look somewhere other than the lens. Here's what he had to say:

"[Y]ou only deliver your slate to the camera. Deliver your copy to the eye line they give you. The slate is the time to connect to the cd/whomever is casting the gig. When they give you lines, you always ask for the eye line. So yes, they are giving you direction to go out of the lens. Unless it is a testimonial like those pain relief medications, you always look away from lens but cheat to camera so we don't get a profile. Thanks for clearing this up. We look green when we do that and you are so not green. [T]ake the direction and when you have a question, ask where your eyes are to go. I never look to lens unless they say so. It is the cardinal no no. just for the slate and the tail slate. Now, if you are doing a personality interview, then yes... look to lens. But in character, never. Unless they ask for it. Learning... don't sweat it. They will bring you back if you are right for the part. It's all good."

So there's the answer I needed on Monday. Look at the lens for the slate then deliver the copy to the eye line they want. It's nice to have friends who know more than you so you have people who can and will answer your questions. Aaaahhhh . . .

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