Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Actor - Will Work for Food

I'm one of those artists who has to support myself through a day job. Now, don't get me wrong. I love the company where I work. The people are great, I have flexibility in my schedule, and I really believe in what the company does. But I'm an artist, and I want to make money creating my art.

From time to time I realize that I'm limited as to the amount of money I can make at the day job. This happened last night. If I really want to make money at the company, I can sell my soul to the company store and take on a lot more responsibility (and lose the flexible hours). But if I want to pay my bills while I bootstrap my way up the actor's ladder, I have to make more money.

This can really make me feel hemmed in. It's the ultimate problem - there are two opposing intentions. (I'm not getting pressure from my workplace to drop the acting, but I am getting pressure from life to make more money.)

The real solution to my problem is to make more money as an artist. So after about fifteen minutes of ranting and whining about how I need more money, I went home and started hunting down as many paid actor gigs as I could find. I submitted for a ton of stuff electronically, then pulled out my headshots and big envelopes and sent out more stuff. I've spent a good chunk of my non-work time today jockeying the websites that give actor breakdowns.

Tonight, on my way to rehearse the play that I love that has not yet lined my pockets with gold, I got a call from one of those folks I deluged last night. I have an audition for a PAID gig tomorrow or Thursday. The best part: I get to audition with Andrew Moore.

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