Sunday, December 04, 2005

Craft Services - A Real Crap Shoot

I feel so bad for these craft services folks on independent films. So many different tastes to accommodate on such a small budget. And in L.A., so many people want soy, non-fat, low carb everything (but they scarf down chocolate on the side).

For this short film I'm doing, I was asked to give my allergies and dislikes. So I said I was allergic to almonds and dislike fish. I figured those things would be the most likely things to show up on the craft services table. The list of foods I dislike is HUGE, and I didn't want to sound like a picky bitch.

Well, I am a picky bitch. We had these beautiful submarine sandwiches from a deli, but they had mayonnaise on them. I hate mayonnaise, so I was trying to convince myself there was no mayo there so I could enjoy the sandwich. The problem was that the bread was so chewy and the sandwich was so tall that every time I'd squeeze the sandwich to take a bite, the meat (lubricated with mayo) would slide out the side of the sandwich. I tried to block the side with part of my hand for the next bite, but the meat slid out the other side. I spent 15 minutes trying to maneuver this sandwich so I wasn't just eating mayonnaise bread. Ugh.

I'm sure my story isn't the worst one about craft services in an indie, but that slip and slide sandwich frustrated the hell out of me.

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