Friday, December 30, 2005

A Different Viewpoint

Yesterday I went to a commercial audition with Andrew. Usually when I go to auditions with him, we're going in as a coouple. Yesterday it was all him . . . and the beard he's currently sporting.

I carried my script with me so I could learn my lines while I was there. I was in no condition to be seen by anyone. I had no makeup on, and I was wearing the same clothes I threw on the night before for my rehearsal. Oh, and my hair needed washing since noon the day before, so I had a nasty little ponytail going.

I had no copy to learn, no forms to fill out, no sign-in sheet to deal with. I sat on my butt and cracked wise (which I thought was only loud enough for Andrew to hear, but I got chuckles from the other dudes who were waiting).

It looked like they were taking guys in randomly. If you were standing in front of the casting door, they'd call you in next. That's how it looked. There were about eight or ten guys in the lobby waiting to go in. I went over to the sign-in sheet and there were too many names for the people who were there. There was no production assistant in the lobby, so I took over and started calling names to see who was there and who wasn't. Then new people came in and I told them to sign in. Then I started telling people if they were next and hollering to the guys who came out of the casting room and jumping into the elevator to make sure their names were ticked off the list. All the while, I was cracking wise.

I did such a good job as a production assistant that one guy checked out with me so he could move his car. I ran into him when I went to move our car while Andrew was in the casting room. He asked me, "Are you leaving? For the day?" I guess I really am a talented actress if he believed I worked with casting.

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