Saturday, December 24, 2005

Discount Holiday Fun: Part One

I was hoping for some production bonuses to handle my holiday bills and gifts this year, but there's some crazy saying about the best laid plans. Anyway, things didn't work out in time for Christmas so I had to put off some expenses until those production bonuses come through. I gifted my family, friends and co-workers and got something for Andrew. But how in the hell could I enjoy my holiday on a shoestring budget?

Here's how: I made a list of activities for me and Andrew to do over Christmas weekend. It was set up like a scavenger hunt. By engaging in activities we really enjoy, we had no time to mope. We filled up the gas tank before the weekend began, so none of these things cost us very much.

What we did today:

- Watch a film we've never seen before. We had never seen Trainspotting, which is amazing that we hadn't since we're film nuts. So we kicked back and watched it. Great film. Very disturbing images of heroin users. Ewan MacGregor rocks. Total cost: $2.50.

- Draw or paint a picture of one another's dog. This was a lot of fun. I'm into watercolor, Andrew is into pen and ink. I've painted one picture of my dog and one of mine and his, but never his alone. And while Adverb of Adverb and Snacks is inspired by Holly, he's never rendered an uncartoony picture of my dog. I really enjoyed working on the painting of Piper, and it turned out pretty well. He did a great sketch of Holly sleeping on the floor. It was intense work and we got it done fast. Total cost: supplies we already had on hand.

- Cook an incredible gourmet meal and eat on it all day long. Since we don't have any kids yet, we don't have to worry about holding traditions in place for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas morning presents. Now this one wasn't dirt cheap. We spent some money on groceries before the weekend with our holiday dinner in mind. But it was a helluva lot cheaper than going to a buffet, and we were left with more food than we would get at a restaurant. For breakfast we had homemade cherry turnovers and apricot danish. For dinner we had honey glazed ham with baked apples, pastry wrapped brie with organic cherries, cornbread stuffing with extra celery, and asparagus. (Okay, that was more like lunch and dinner.) The food was amazing and cooked to our liking. The dogs had some ham fat and organic egg nog. (We don't drink egg nog because it's EGGS that you DRINK -- too weird.) Total cost: groceries were about $50 but included other meal stuff and leftovers.

Today was amazing. I had no attention on the fact that I was broke until I started blogging. And I didn't get everything done on my list! Tomorrow holds even more adventure.

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