Sunday, December 25, 2005

Discount Holiday Fun: Part Two

I didn't get yesterday's list or today's list completed. We had too many things on them. At least we didn't get bored! Maybe we'll finish the lists next weekend.

Yesterday's meal lasted all day today. We had plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight and we still have more for tomorrow. That was a smart investment.

Here's what we got done today:

- Watch more "Freaks & Geeks." Okay, this wasn't originally on our list. But this show is AWESOME. We watched two more dvds since last night. See my earlier post about this show. Total cost: $5.00.

- Rock out. I love to rock out. I usually grab my guitar and continue my self-teaching. I spent some good quality time doing that, then I sang while Andrew played later in the evening. Andrew got me a practice chanter to prepare me for learning the bagpipe as a Christmas gift, so I spent some time working on my fingering for that. I love music, and I'm trying to become the skilled musician that Andrew is. Total cost: not a damn thing.

- Go to a friend's house and mooch off them. The mooching part isn't totally true. We were invited to a friend's house for an orphan party. That's where all the people who are in town over the holidays and don't have nearby families or just don't want to see their families gather. I usually try to take a hostess gift, but I fell short this year. (See my last posting -- I'm broke.) We met some new people, got to visit, and ate some tasty grub. We also got to participate in Yankee Swap (White Elephant, Nasty Santa, Nasty Christmas). We had to leave early, but we exchanged a bag of silly toys for a Starbucks card. (Both of us took gifts over, but Andrew really wanted the Chris Farley dvd I brought so he snatched it before we left.) Total cost: $12 for the gift exchange.

- Use up those free cell phone minutes. I talk to my small sister all the time so today was no exception. I also called my little brother to see what he knew. Andrew talked with extended family and his sisters and parents. I talked to my mom Friday, so I called my dad today. I talk to my mom more than I talk to my dad. They're divorced, and my mom never told me I should forget acting and become a doctor or a lawyer because I was too smart to be an actor. Glad I called Dad. I have a knack for putting him in a better mood. And I managed to get some rare albums out of the call. Total cost: free weekend minutes, courtesy of Verizon.

- Shoot a short film. We have a camera, we had an idea, we had an hour. We went down to Hollywood and Highland and shot a short puppet film called Timmy Tubesock in Hollywood. That was fun. We did it guerilla style. We have to find a website to host the video, so I'll post that link when it's available. Tourists were laughing at our antics with Timmy, and we would laugh every time we'd cut the shot. Total cost: one sock, two buttons, one hour.

I had an awesome weekend. This is one of the best Christmases I've ever had.

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