Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Finally . . . an Audition!

It's been a cold holiday season in the world of auditions. Probably because most people take the time off from work so they can relax and visit with family. Not me! I've been in production on a play throughout the holiday season, and I've gone to my day job every day for the past two weeks (even if just to check up on things). I guess I expect the rest of the world to keep turning while it's hitting the spiked egg nog.

Anyway, this morning I got a notice by email that I had an audition for a music video this afternoon. What's really cool is that I submitted for it last night. Fortunately, I was dressed as if my boss was coming to town so I looked like the professional that the role required. (I got a last minute notice about an audition one day when I was at work so I had to dig through my trunk for any accessories I had to make the change from professional office worker to white trash stripper girl. That was tough.) I waited for about thirty minutes to be called in, then the audition took about two minutes from start to finish.

It shoots tomorrow, so if I don't hear anything in the next couple hours I'll know I didn't get it. But I ran into one of my Kappa Lambda Lambda sisters at the audition, which was cool. I think this is the second time I've been at an audition in this town and I ran into someone I knew who was auditioning for the same project. If they don't call me, I really hope they call her.

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