Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm a WHAT?

I know I'm an actor. I love the process. I love the communication with the audience. I love dressing up and being someone else. I love safely experiencing things I might not otherwise experience.

But sometimes I'm a little shocked to realize that I'm an actor. For example, I was at the photo reproduction place on Monday. (I know, how could I not realize I was an actor going to a photo lab with my headshot negatives in hand?) I go up to the counter, speaking actor, and I tell her I need my negatives put on cd so I can get lithos later and my agent can upload different pix to the net. The gal sets me up at a light table with a loupe (which I guess I was supposed to know how to use since I AM an actor) to pick out my negatives for transfer. All the while, I'm surrounded by actors, speaking actor, picking up headshots and ordering repros, asking to have blemishes retouched out of their photos. There are signs that say payment is due upon ordering and no cell phone calls allowed at the counter -- both rules that actors would cause to be in place.

I pick out my negatives and get back into the actor line to place my order. I pay, then she tells me I have to wait until Thursday to pick up the cd. Thursday! I let out a tiny sigh because I wanted them sooner. Why? Not because I have the money for lithos this week. No. Because I'm an actor. That's just what we do -- sigh when we can't have our way. I'm one of them.

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