Thursday, December 08, 2005

Memorial Day

This is the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's murder. I was very small when he was shot, but I remember it well. I heard it on the radio when we were driving to someone's house. I remember thinking, "Why would someone shoot John Lennon?"

I grew up listening to Lennon's music on the radio, and you can't grow up in this country without hearing The Beatles. I watched Yellow Submarine on television once a year. He absolutely fascinated me.

As I got older, I appreciated his genius in songwriting. The man is amazing. He was the driving force behind The Beatles, and he and Paul McCartney were the best songwriting team ever. I've learned to play some of John's songs and his co-songs. Genius.

I also admired that he truly loved Yoko. It was that kind of love and admiration that was missing between my parents. It was an ideal love -- they were always together, they created together, they never said a negative word about one another in public.

I know I'm only detailing the minute experience I have with John during my short life here. He's almost been dead the entire time I've been here. But I feel like I have more time track with this artist than this short life. Maybe I was a screaming fan in another life, or maybe I was the fly on the wall during the Let It Be recording sessions. Odd as it may seem, I feel very connected to the man.

Andrew and I went to his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this evening. There was a huge gathering of people singing his songs (and co-songs). Most of the star was covered with poems, letters, flowers, candles, and even a little Christmas candy. We brought candles and placed them on the star. I think I was the weepiest person there at that time of night, followed by Andrew. There were little kids there who might have never heard John on the radio but only on their parents' cd player. The man was truly loved.

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