Thursday, December 01, 2005

One-Pam Band

Today I auditioned for this commercial as a one-woman band. I can play guitar, but guitar does not complete the one-woman band picture. So Andrew and I picked up one of those harmonica holders and stuffed his harmonica in that for me to use. I also grabbed the tamborine we had at home that Holly ripped the cow hide off of and slid it over my foot so it made noise while I kept time for myself.

I'm not what you would call "good" at harmonica. Not even close. I can honk out "Turkey in the Straw" if you give me a couple do-overs. I told the clerk at Guitar Center this, and he told me to just blow like Alanis does. Brilliant advice!

I whirled into the audition room this morning with my travel guitar, the harmonica and the tamborine. I chatted with them for a minute or two as I put on my gear, then I played "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5. (It's a simple song - three chords for the whole thing: F, G, C.) I butchered it at first while I got my groove on. Then I went wild. I didn't even sing, which I usually do when I play, but this time I had a harmonica in my mouth.

Who knows what will happen, whether or not they will choose me for the commercial. The important thing is that I had SO MUCH FUN! I should really work up a song that I can do well so I can pull it out at parties.

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