Sunday, December 18, 2005

Renaissance Pam

I've always admired the idea of being a Renaissance Man. Andrew is. Good at everything, really talented, gets a lot of aesthetic stuff done in a day.

Well, it took me more than a day, but I did it. I was a Renaissance Pam. I started my weekend doing holiday baking. For me, baking is relaxing. Every food requires different music. I left Bjork playing while my bread was rising, different tunes for different cookies. I can really create in the kitchen. Domestic things can be very aesthetic. Heck, I wrapped presents (which can be challenging but the presentation is very important).

I played on my guitar on Saturday and Sunday, then picked on the mandolin a little. I watched Magical Mystery Tour and Imagine, from which I divined more inspiration as a musician. And Andrew and I wrote a song. Our song is a little like a Barenaked Ladies tune.

We hit the Getty Center and spent a little over an hour there. We saw an exhibit of sketches from Italy during the Renaissance. Beautiful stuff. I walked away with a new appreciation for red chalk drawings, white gauche, and painting on colored paper. I also picked up my portable watercolor set for my Christmas day painting and I tested it out (so I can later paint on colored paper).

Then I wrapped up the weekend with rehearsal for Andrew's play. It wasn't a long rehearsal, but I am challenged by being both an actress and a producer for the project. Rehearsals tend to be fun, particularly with his material and him directing.

I feel like I didn't have a lot of down time, but I got so much done. And it's nice to do activities of my own choosing.

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