Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Voiceover Market I Just Discovered

Time to be honest. I have a great speaking voice. I do. My voicemail message was left up for two years after I left one job because it sounded so great. I did all of the voice stuff on my day job's system. I've gotten tons of compliments. I've even done a voiceover gig.

Time to make some money. Today I spent about three hours at someone's office doing all of the voice recording for his phone system. Pretty easy work for me, seeing as I have a natural ability for it and all. And I got paid what I usually make in nine hours at my day job. Not too shabby.

This is something I could easily do to make money. I never considered it before since I figured everyone could do pretty and professional voice recordings. Now I just have to figure out the market and promote myself. It's kind of funny that something so simple could help me handle my money woes.

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