Monday, December 26, 2005

The Wonder of Line Rehearsals

I rarely talk about the things I learned from a director I had in college because we were at odds so much. But one thing that he really did right was line rehearsals for every play we did. In a line rehearsal, you're supposed to be off-book and know all of your lines and blocking for a particular chunk of the show. You just deliver your lines and call "line" when you don't remember something. Then you put it on its feet and run through the lines and blocking of that section. You recognize beforehand that everything won't be perfect, but you strive to make it perfect.

We had our first line rehearsal for Torrid Affaire this evening. It went so well. It's a nice gradient between carrying around the script and having to really know what the hell you're doing. What's really great is Andrew writes like people actually talk, so his lines are pretty easy to learn. I'm so glad we're doing two more line rehearsals for this show. I've been in shows that didn't have line rehearsals where "lines were due" by a certain date, but during the run of the show some of the people didn't even know their damn lines. This makes it more professional.

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