Friday, January 13, 2006

Book Vs. Movie

I'm sure you're familiar with the old argument of book versus movie. You read the book and have a certain idea of how the whole thing will play out and what everyone looks like. You really get to contribute back to the author with your imagination. When you see the movie, it's not always the same as you imagined. Some parts may be similar. Some things may be way off from what you thought, some things may be way better than you could've hoped.

I just got my DVD yesterday for the sorority short film. When I watched it, I got to reminisce about how fun it was to be in a sorority without all the hassle. Heck, I was in an ass-kickin' sorority for a couple days! It was a fun shoot. I met some neat folks. It was nice to see the finished piece.

I remember reading the script and having my own idea of how the thing would play out. It was really interesting to see what shots she decided to keep and how they decided to edit the piece. The film didn't quite match up with what I imagined. (Of course, it wasn't MY directing project, so what I conceived doesn't really matter.) But it made me think of book versus movie.

I guess the deciding factor in the argument is what communicates best to the audience. Which one really gets the writer's intention to the end user?

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