Friday, January 13, 2006

Counting Down

We're in the countdown phase. It's Friday. Show opens Sunday. EEK!

True confession time. We haven't done a run-thru of the show since sometime last week. I don't remember the day because my days are running together with the really late night rehearsals and the early morning preparation for my day job. We still have to build a sink unit and do some other prop stuff, like painting the "toys" that are used in the show.

At least people are coming. We got a couple calls for reservations yesterday. I've gotten some people coming from my Evites. Cassandra was naming off some people she had coming yesterday. I'm glad at least some folks are coming (so we can pay for the second night of the theatre).

I really have learned a lot on this show. With all of my present time anxiety, I can see the lessons and the value of those lessons. And I'm really lucky to have the opportunity to learn those lessons with this project. It's not NEARLY as painful as I may blog it to be at times.

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