Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Doer Does

Sometimes things just can be obvious enough.

Andrew and I went to the Getty on Friday, and we took some art supplies so we could art. As I sat on the grass trying to capture this craggy tree with my watercolor brush, I realized that a painter paints. (Duh.) I can't expect every painting to be perfect, especially when I don't produce them in the volume necessary to really improve my skills. I don't need to have a scarcity of my paintings. If I would just paint and not obsess over every mistake in the handful of paintings I've completed, then I'd be an awesome painter. A painter paints.

I read this great article about John Mayer in a special issue guitar magazine. I really admire him as a songwriter, musician and performer (in that order). He's amazing, and he's now expanding into blues. How many songs do you think John Mayer has written? A songwriter writes songs. He's probably written some real stinkers that we'll never hear. Last night I sat down on my couch and wrote a song. Maybe I'll view it as a real stinker in a few years, but for now I'm pleased I jumped that first hurdle of writing my own lyrics and music. (I've only collaborated before.)

It seems that I'll have to live through some stinkers and imperfections if I want to be a painter, be a songwriter, be anything. Heck, I've survived some embarassing times as an actor. Some of the videos I shot as a twelve year-old were stinkers. But the only way to have the fantastic final products as an artists is to really do the doingess. Maybe I'll scratch out another song or slap down another painting today just to get my stinkers out of the way.

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