Saturday, January 21, 2006

Get Wild Wild Wild

We had a pickup rehearsal/surprise birthday party for Andrew Thursday night. The theatre was available earlier in the evening, so I planned a little surprise shindig with the cast to celebrate his birthday. We wound up with more food than I expected, so we kicked back for about an hour and ate and whooped it up.

The goal of this rehearsal was just to let the cast run the lines and blocking so no one felt lost for Sunday's show. I knew it was just supposed to be lines and blocking, but it also became playtime. My former acting teacher used to tell me I did a number of scenes technically perfect, but I didn't have fun with the work or play. She'd have me bring back those scenes again after playing with them, and the work was so much better and more freeing. When I made my entrance Thursday night, I made it playtime. I threw in comments I couldn't make during the actual show, played my guitar loud and sang "She's Like the Wind," and changed up some of my lines so the intention was the same but the words were way off. Granted, it's hard to know when your entrances are when it turns into such a wild party. But it was fantastic. I think Sunday's show will be richer than our opening show. We've all settled into the characters even more.

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