Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hot Dogs

Growing up, I went to a lot of keg parties at people's houses where we were fed hot dogs. Of course all kids love hot dogs, even if they're made with red dye #5 and the unmentionables of barnyard animals. When I learned the truth about hot dogs, I stopped eating them. Grilling and putting mustard on a cow's bunghole does not make me want to put it in my mouth.

Then I discovered the wonder of Kosher hot dogs. Same convenience with none of the yuck. I read about how Kosher meats are prepared and I saw there was hope. I've been a Kosher dog eater since.

In L.A., there are a lot of hot dog stands. I've been to a number of them, and they don't all carry Kosher dogs. (Andrew will eat the un-Kosher dogs at these places, and I'll get a cheeseburger.) I know Pink's is supposed to be amazing (and they have great cheese sauce), but there's a better place that you must visit when you're in Los Angeles. It's called The Stand.

I always feel great after eating there. The Kosher dogs are one and a half times the size of the regular beef or turkey dogs they offer, so I can usually get two meals out of one hot dog. At The Stand, they manage to turn the hot dog into a gourmet food. The menu is amazing -- who knew there were so many ways to prepare a hot dog? I usually get a Kosher BBQ dog (cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce & bacon) sans onions, and sometimes I get baked beans thrown on top. They give you some fresh potato chips with your dog. The prices are comparable to sandwich shops, and it's an appropriate place to do an informal business meeting or gather with the family after church. Check it out.

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