Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More on the Affaire

I'm still stuck in a maybe on this Torrid Affaire thing. Andrew and I talked about it over lunch yesterday. What to do? Do we want to try to bring it back to the theatre to adapt it for film? Or do we just want to acknowledge the win and move on?

Andrew talks about theatre here. He has a whole discourse on why theatre instead of film. He's got valid points, which is why he wrote this show as a play instead of a film. It offered people an experience that you have to get in the theatre. And no matter how much fun we had it and how easy it would be to shoot it in someone's living room, it's still a theatrical piece. It's a bit too presentational in its current form to translate easily to film. If we did bring it back to the theatre (if all the other factors were in place), we have no guarantee of an audience, and it's pretty miserable performing for the three people who showed up because they feel too singled out to laugh.

As I think more about it, it may just be best to end off on this cycle. "Thanks that was fun" and all. It's no good to get stuck in a win. I think I'll write up everything that went right on this show and all of my gains and end cycle. It's not like I have a shortage of projects. Sonny's being written, we have "The Felties" to shoot, we have some other short film ideas brewing, and I keep going out on auditions for other peoples' projects. Sure, there are people who couldn't make it to see this show and want us to extend, but there's no guarantee that they'll show up if we do extend. There's also no guarantee that we'll ever get an audience for a film version, and that would cost a helluva lot more. Maybe if our cast would like some last piece of this show then we could shoot some scenes for their demo reels and give them the raw footage. That way they can end cycle as well.

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