Monday, January 16, 2006

The Morning After

(I'm so worn out that I'm not getting my blogging done until afternoon.)

We opened last night. The show went incredibly well. We really created an ensemble piece and everyone had an opportunity to shine. We had the house half-full (about 24 people), and we made almost enough money to cover our second night in the theatre. I think we even had a reviewer there.

Andrew was nervous. That was cute. I was more harried as a producer, but I knew my hat as a performer so there were no surprises there. I take that back. I was surprised at how cold the stage was. I wore a tank top and boxer briefs for most of the show. My hands were so cold that I had trouble farting around on my guitar.

The show was well-received. We got lots of compliments on the casting. It has a happy ending, everyone experiences change over the course of the piece, it sounds like people actually talk. We didn't have the industry turn-out that we promoted to get, but we had a great audience who will promote the show.

After the gladhanding was over, I went back into the theatre and the entire cast was helping Andrew return the set to the proper condition for the show that runs on Fridays & Saturdays. We even had some friends helping out. The clean-up didn't take too long. At the end of the night, I sat on the floor with Jackie and Cassandra eating cake while we reviewed the evening. I'm so glad I participated in this project, and I think the others are as well.

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