Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Off the Hook

It seems like my phone has been ringing off the hook since my last blog posting. I've been called in to audition for three casting directors we invited to Torrid Affaire that didn't show. Not sure if it's at all related, but I won't complain.

I got a call from my agent Friday that I had an audition on Monday for some broadband cable commercial. I hit the audition yesterday morning, and I rocked. It was a lot of fun. They shoot later this week and I haven't heard from them yet, so I doubt I got it. But the director was the one who auditioned me, and I made him laugh. And I emptied out my headshot holder in the casting directors' mailboxes before I left.

I got another call Friday for an audition today for this pole dancing/stripper workout infomercial. Sounded fun, only girls in the classes, free dance classes. I went in today and they told me I might be too young and in shape. Oh well. These are the same folks who told me my complexion was perfect.

Last night my agent called me again to tell me I had an audition today. This one was for young mom. That was fun. I think I looked like the youngest young mom there. But hey, it was an audition at an office I haven't been to before.

Then I got a call for an audition for a play Thursday night. It's being produced by one of my Diary of a Catholic School Dropout sisters -- one from the earlier cast. I read the play last night. Sounds fun and very physical.

Then I got a call from someone else for another audition for a play Thursday night. I've auditioned at this theatre before but wasn't cast. We'll see what happens this time for a completely different play.

Then I got a call from someone to do some work on a short film tonight. I couldn't do it because I had a client scheduled, and I still have to pay my bills.

Wow. Busy times.

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