Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I sent my agent two Evites, an invitation card and a personal postcard for my show. I had Andrew drop by some new lithos last week. He called me Monday with a commercial audition scheduled for today. He hasn't seen the show yet.

I had a little chunk of copy to learn for today's piece, a really cute spec commercial for a financial management website. I spent a good amount of time working on it because they wanted it memorized. One of my acting teachers advised us to memorize our sides so we wouldn't worry about the words but would have room to play. Great advice. I planned out my wardrobe very carefully so I'd look old enough to do the spot. I also reviewed my commercial actor hatting from Boise Thomas ( and the great Jim Meskimen (

I felt really well prepared. I was an hour early and got in thirty minutes before my scheduled time. I went for broke and followed my training but had fun with it. I treated the piece with as much respect as I would something that would pay 20 times as much. I felt like a pro.

As you probably already read, the show went well. Andrew's been scouring the newspapers and the internet in search of the mysterious review that may have been written by the guy in the front row Sunday. We've discussed extending the show for one more night if we sell out this Sunday. It makes sense to spend money on what makes money. One of our goals for this show was to have someone offer to produce it.

Andrew spoke with the theatre owner today. He's a really nice guy, seems a bit atypical for a theatre owner/manager. Anyway, he asked if we wanted to extend the run because he has Friday and Saturday nights available in March. The problem is that it costs money to rent the theatre and do the promotion (the theatre is the biggest expense). Well, the theatre owner said that we can work something out if the money is a problem. I'm hoping that means we split the house with him. He's coming to the show Sunday, so we'll see what happens.

Andrew's excited about writing Sonny. I'm excited about that too. I love observing his process and participating in his work, even if it's just reading it and correcting the punctuation. I'll be the love interest in Sonny. We already decided that when he came up with the idea. It's nice to have someone write some incredible stuff for me to act.

Anyway, it feels like I'm getting somewhere, even if it's not as fast as I originally intended. I'm doing things I feel good about, and I'm laying a strong foundation for my continued career in Los Angeles. My acting teacher used to say, "A career is a body of work." I truly believe that.

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