Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Timmy Timmy!

Timmy Tubesock is now available on the internet! (Okay, Timmy was actually available late last week but I've been tied up doing stuff for the play until now.) It's a .wmv file, so that may not be compatible with everyone's machine. The link is right here. Check it out.

Timmy was an experiment. We wanted to shoot something short and sweet, guerilla-style. Timmy is my creative property -- my idea. Andrew made the sock puppet. See, he showed me some of the open-source puppetry posts on Muppet Central and I thought the ideas were good but you can have so many cooks in the kitchen that nothing actually gets made. My solution was Timmy Tubesock. He's like a Flat Stanley but he's a puppet. I'm willing to share Timmy with any puppeteers or filmmakers who want to participate.

Here are the rules for Timmy:

1) His name is Timmy Tubesock, not Timmy the Tubesock. Andrew screwed it up on the opening scene and I yelled at him after. Since we were trying to shoot continuous footage (no edits), we didn't fix it in post.

2) The puppet and name belong exclusively to Dal Motion. This must be acknowledged in the end credits. The content you provide is your own, but he's my puppet.

3) Timmy can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. I'll send him out to you with a postage-paid envelope to ship him back. I know he may get some wear and tear on the road, but don't abuse him.

4) You can upload your content to the web or you can contact us and we'll help you. Andrew's studying video hosting services, so he knows this area pretty well.

5) Don't care about the quality of the video. Hell, you can shoot a series of photographs if you don't have a video camera. I think Timmy makes a great tour guide. We're taking him to Chinatown before we ship him out for his first out-of-state adventure. The video can be awesome or crappy. Doesn't matter. We had awful lighting, passers-by, outside noises that we didn't edit out because not everyone who participates in the Timmy project will be able to filter out these things.

6) Don't get nasty with Timmy. He can interact with any other characters you create, but no nastiness.

7) Timmy can be performed by a man or a woman. You can hear the voice we chose. It's easy to duplicate so do your best. His theme song is a C chord. We did it with me playing a low G on my chanter (because I didn't have the fingers available to play a C) and a C on my guitar while Andrew played a C on his mandolin and his harmonica. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. You can use a kazoo if you want. I don't care.

If you have an interest in participating in the Timmy project, send an email to dalmotion@sbcglobal.net. Give us your name, address and phone number. We'll put you on the list to get Timmy.

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