Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wrapping Up

Okay. I said I'd write up my wins and gains from the show. (Maybe if I do this with every project, I won't get stuck in a past win and I'll have something to go back to when I hit rough spots in this insane industry.)

* Andrew Moore is an amazing writer. It's an honor to speak his words. I told him once upon a time not to write some play for me. He said he didn't but later confessed that he did, and that play won an award. I turned down a golden opportunity then, and I won't do it again.

* I have great comedic timing. Most of my wisecracks in life go unnoticed. (Maybe I just process things too fast.) I had some great punchlines to deliver in this show, and I got a lot of laughs. I received a lot of acknowledgment from the audience members on how funny I was. I always knew I was funny. It's about time some other people agreed with me. ;)

* A roller coaster ride is the best kind of ride to give the audience. Most of it was in the writing. My proudest moment during Sunday's show was really having their attention for my character's reveal. I told this great story about a boyfriend who is on smack. When I defended him ("oh he's not all bad" and "he's sensitive", like "I can change him"), they laughed. When I broke down a minute later, Andrew saw at least one person in the audience crying. Then I return to being funny. It's like a roller coaster. Fun.

* It takes a lot of responsibility to produce a show. Anyone can try it, but you have to really care about what you're doing and know that you're the one who will make it happen. How many actors have I met in L.A., and how many have made it go right to produce their own opportunities? It's nice to know that I'm capable of so much. And I really care about my fellow group members.

* If at all possible, incorporate your special skills in your work. I've been learning guitar for a couple years. I wanted to do a piece where I could pick on my guitar. I was able to do that in this show. Didn't have any big singing pieces or huge musical moments, but I strummed quietly when I wanted and it did contribute to the piece. (And I got in extra guitar time.)

* End on a win and move on. I can't afford to get stuck on this project. I loved the cast, I loved the piece. It was an incredible experience, but it's over. I had one audition today and another tomorrow. I'm submitting my headshots for other plays (along with films and commercials). I'm still going to do the future projects I mentioned in my earlier blog, but I'm not going to stop acting in the meantime.

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