Friday, February 17, 2006


I can't believe I haevn't blogged about this yet.

My sweet agent of seven months sent me an email last Friday that he was closing his agency as of this Monday. He's had a lot of health problems. Every time I've spoken with him about auditions in the past two months he's been ill. He was a really nice guy and I hope his health improves. But I'm left without an agent with very short notice. It's funny since I've been going out on so many auditions lately.

So I emailed my friends who've seen me in action and asked for their help -- walking in pictures, giving me recommendations, general advice. Andrew is talking to people about walking my pictures in to their agents, and I'm doing a postcard mailing explaining what has happened in hopes I can get a new agent fast.

I hope this resolves quickly. I've been promoting myself (as I've always done) like mad, but it really helps to have an agent to promote me as well. It's kind of an endorsement that someone believes in my talent and knows I can work.

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