Thursday, February 09, 2006

Billy Madison

I've gone back to college. So has Andrew. Read about his wild adventures here.

I enrolled in a jazz dance class. I have a student ID and everything. It was pretty inexpensive. You can check out my school at I already have a degree, so I can take all the fun classes.

Last night was my first class. All the schedule said was "North Gym." I stumbled into the North Gym through a side door, late, because parking was a bitch. It looked like I walked in on jazzercise, not jazz dance. But I figured this was the right place. They were doing dance aerobics. I found a spot in the back of the room and grapevined, punched and kicked until I felt like my heart was going to explode. I expected a syllabus, a discussion about jazz dance, and wardrobe requirements. This chick announced that she put a scale in the corner if you wanted to weigh yourself (so I guess you could throw up your dinner if you felt too fat?). I stepped and jumped and kicked while thinking "I'm dropping this class and horning in on Andrew's cinema class because this sucks." She called roll at the end of class (which was around 8:10PM, not 9:55 PM as the schedule read), and I wasn't on the list. I wandered up at the end of the class to find out if I missed anything in the first 10 minutes that she thought I should know, and I found out it was F'ING AEROBICS! I was in the wrong class, as were two other students. I looked at the signs in the hall, and they weren't very clear about where to go for class. UGH!

So we found the right place, but the door was locked. One of the girls rapped at the door until someone let us in. THIS was the right place. I was so relieved. I was exhausted because I'd been doing F'ING AEROBICS for the past hour. As luck would have it, they spent the first hour going over the syllabus (just as I expected) and had just gotten on their feet for a group warm-up and some drills and choreography. I felt so old and tired after my hour of F'ING AEROBICS. But I had arrived. I'm excited. I get to go buy dance shoes this weekend. Hooray!

The first day of school is always an adventure, isn't it?

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