Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Boogie Shoes

When I was a terribly young thing in college the first time, I enrolled in dance classes. I was a theatre major, so that was the best way for me to get my physical education credits in. Yet there were problems for me taking these classes. The biggest problem was shoes.

Andrew and I didn't make a lot of money. We were on scholarships and had very little time for jobs outside of school. Having to pay $20 for a pair of ballet shoes or $35 for the lowest quality tap shoes for each of us was a struggle. When I was a teenager still living at home I could afford shoes for my jazz dance class but my teacher had us all work barefoot so we could learn proper alignment. And all of those dance shoes were eaten by Holly after college.

Now that I'm in dance class again, I needed new shoes. I do have a job that pays way more than I made in school, but I also have bills that are way more than I had in school. There's a great pair of Capezio slip-on jazz boots I have my eye on, but I needed something cheap and quick until I can free up the cash for them. My teacher gave us a list of dancewear stores where we could find proper attire, including shoes.

I hit Danny's Warehouse in Los Angeles last week and picked up a pair of gray leather jazz boots for $10. Everything in the store is $10 or less -- shoes, leotards, tote bags. It looks a little bit like a yard sale sometimes since things get so dishevelled and you may have to dig through boxes to find what you want, but for $10 it's a great deal. They carry closeouts and seconds. You can order from them online at I was SO happy to find them. I only purchased the one pair of jazz boots for my class, but I could've picked up other things if I was enrolled in other dance classes for a song. I really wish there was something like this when I was in college the first time.

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