Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dance Gains

I've attended two of my jazz dance classes (they're weekly) and four of my pole dance classes (three a week). I noticed that my posture is better. I'm not as slouchy, my shoulders are back and my butt is tucked under when I walk or stand. I wonder if this adds any numbers to my height.

In the beginning, I had a lot of back pain from my jazz class and the first two pole classes. I was in a car accident as a teenager and was told I had a 15% disability in my back. I like to ignore that and keep my body going. (Nothing was broken, and even broken bones heal in a matter of weeks.) Anyway, I think I really worked the hell out of my back muscles. The back pain has eased up.

I do have bruises from my pole class. We were told that we'd get a bruise every time we learned a pole trick. I've learned three pole tricks, and I have bruises on my knees, calves, ankles and tops of my feet. I'm getting stronger and more coordinated, but it hurts. We have to be able to lift our own body weight and hoist it up the pole, so my arms are a little sore. I'm still having a lot of fun.

It's funny. I realized that dance provides something I need in my life that no other form of physical exercise provides. I'm no mega dancer or Robert James Hoffman III, but I feel enriched when I take dance classes. I highly recommend them for anyone.

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