Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Girl

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I've been out of commission in the blog world for a few days. Holly dropped her body this weekend.

It was a good death. She wasn't in pain, she died in her sleep. She had a lot of physical problems for most of her life. I took her to a nutritionist nearly four years ago because she was dying. She helped save the dog and fix her health. Dr. Pepi really improved the quality of Holly's last four years, which also improved the quality of Piper's life (Andrew's dog). It was as a result of Holly's trip to Dr. Pepi that I started seeing her, and I've handled a number of my own health issues.

I believe that we're all spiritual beings who use our bodies as long as they'll last, then we carry ourselves over into a new lifetime. I think that's true with pets. As hard as it was to find her body right after that last breath, I knew she was in a better place spiritually. She would get the body her rascally spirit needed to get around.

I remember the day I got her as if it were yesterday. It was a cold evening in December. We were about to move into a place that allowed pets, but we were still in a pet-free community. We had been working at Wal-Mart to pay our bills while we went to school. That night when we got off, we picked up puppy supplies, knowing the big day was coming as soon as we moved. We stepped out the doors, and there was a truck full of dalmatian puppies for sale. I found Holly in the bunch, five weeks old. I fell in love with her, as did most people who met her.

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