Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Version

Holly's departure, though necessary and expected, left a huge hole in our hearts. Sure, we still have Piper (Andrew's dog), but Holly meant so much to us. With that much love to offer, we had to get a puppy immediately.

After a bit of a scavenger hunt, we found our dog. We drove several hours to Banning, CA, to look at a couple of female dals on Monday night. One was nervous about us, the other was happy with us. We paid for her and headed home, stopping at PetCo to pick up a smaller collar and nametag and a sweater for our tiny girl.

She was smaller than we expected. They said she was 7 1/2 weeks, but she looks more like a month old. Her daddy was liver-spotted, mommy black-spotted, and she wound up with an odd combination of the two and looks like she's getting lemon spots on her body. She's a blue fleck with one blue eye and one black eye. No papers, but she's got all the right looks for a baby dal -- except the ears. Her ears are the proper shape, but they stand up. That's not normal for dals at all. Even German Shepherds don't have pointy ears at this age. She may make a visit to a plastic surgeon if necessary so her ears don't give her problems.

She has some characteristics of Holly, and the momma dog greeted us as if to say "I've been waiting for you." Spiritually, it's entirely possible Holly's back. Only time will really tell.

Her name is Felicity. Seems appropriate since we watched "Felicity" season two last week and some of the themes in the show appeared in our lives. She's a fantastic and rowdy little dog. She has a little pink collar with a little heart-shaped nametag. And she looks adorable in her little purple sweater, but what do you expect from a dog named Felicity?

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