Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Staying Connected

I was always terrible at networking. I love to help other people, but I don't like to ask people to help me. I was discouraged about netowrking with my fellow actors by a professor I had in college. I guess he thought it was unprofessional. The sad part is that I believed him for a few years.

No more. I've been networking more over the past year. I still need business cards so I can attract more blog readers (and so I look like a pro). I try to meet new people and make new friends while maintaining the old ones. Sometimes it's a little tougher to maintain friendships, but it must be done.

I made a resolution when I found out about Jimmy's suicide: stay connected with my friends as best I can. This is my way of helping prevent future incidents like Jimmy's, and I do cherish them so I should act like it. I've decided to make an effort to have lunch with at least one friend (Andrew doesn't count) every week. We can bounce ideas off one another, catch up, and see how we can help each other. The crazy thing about Los Angeles is how disconnected people are. I'm tired of that. I come from the South where we have warm hospitality and break bread with friends.

My first lunch date is Saturday. Andrew and I are meeting with a friend to collaborate on a project. And, of course, we're going to The Stand.

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