Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To My Brother on His 19th Birthday

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I'm posting this on my blog for anyone who is facing a crossroads in life. Maybe this will help.

I've advised you as best I knew how. Having the home life we did, I'm glad you turned out okay. I hope my tips have helped. To recap the past nineteen years of advice from me:
1. Don't do drugs or I'll kick your ass.
2. Don't get cooties on your wang from being sexually indiscriminate.
3. Don't knock up some random chick. Marriage comes before babies.

I know you haven't found your hat in life yet, and I know you want to figure things out before you commit to anything. I have one more tip for you, to help you find your way: music.

You come from a line of musicians. I know the skill of some may be really intimidating, but you can find your own musical niche. I have.

The advice I have for you comes from John Mayer in an article from Guitar Player Magazine (February 2006):

"Instead of spending 600 bucks on a new sampler, buy yourself a guitar. You can have a song by tonight, and be getting laid tomorrow."

Your sister

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