Friday, February 03, 2006

Trade Secrets (shhh)

Okay, here's the deal: when you see those fabulous commercials with famous actresses modelling some product, it's not always their bodies (or body parts) demonstrating the product. I knew that they'd get hand models for some of this stuff, but I learned a lot today.

I had an audition to be an arm, leg and hand model for an actress in a self-tanning product commercial. (I submitted myself thinking "I had fun being a stand-in for a country music singer, so this might be the same sort of thing.") I had to show up in a dress with my arms, legs and hands exposed. I figured I'd have something of a shot at this gig since I have very similar coloring to the name talent in the commercial -- she's pale, I'm pale. I also thought I'd meet a lot of other actresses who were my type, especially since the casting notice was asking for very specific measurements.

Boy, was I wrong. This isn't like being a stand-in at all. I was one of two pale chicks there, and the other girl had seen even less sun than I had. There were women of various ages, heights and builds. Most of them had dark hair, and a lot of them were tan. They sent home the other pale girl because she was too pale, but they kept the olive-complected gals in front of the lens pretending to smear on lotion for a while.

What happened with me? The conversed about whether or not I was too pale, then put me in front of the camera. I pulled up my skirt so they could look at my gams. I showed them the back, front, and back of my hands. Then I pulled down my sleeve and "rubbed lotion" on my shoulder. They got a shot of the back, then I turned forward. Then they whispered something about me being too pale and released me.

It was an odd audition, probably because I've never gone out to be part of someone's body before. My guess is that they'll hire one of these lovely tan gals. I think they had another casting session for the stomach. I guess it has to look like they've already used the self-tanner as they apply it. Weird, but educational.

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