Thursday, March 02, 2006

Actor Nudity

This is a funny topic for me. I go to the nude beach, I've been to a nude resort. If it were warmer, I'd spend most of my at-home time naked. So nudity as an actor shouldn't bother me, right?

Wrong! Some nudity makes sense in films like The English Patient or Schindler's List, but sometimes it's gratuitous. I decided early on that I wouldn't do gratuitous or unnecessary nudity for a project. Other people can do it. That's fine. It is important to me that nudity does not always equal sex in film.

Of course, I submitted myself for a series of short films centered around some "Drive Naked" campaign from the 70s. I don't mind being naked, and it seemed like it would put nudism in a positive light.

Well, they emailed me to audition. The catch: they want people to actually AUDITION naked. Now that is not cool. That's a total taboo in casting. They can ask you to audition in a swimsuit but NOT topless or naked. So that makes me wonder what kind of production they're actually running.

I'm not going. If they said swimsuit, I'd be there. I'd take the job and strip down to drive a car. No big whoop. But I am NOT going to an audition naked. That's classless. (And if there are any actors out there who actually read my blog, you shouldn't either.)

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