Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bikini Wax

This post isn't cleverly titled, like John Lennon's Self Portrait, a 42 minute film that followed his penis going from a flaccid to an erect state. It's about getting a bikini wax. If you don't want to know about the pain and torture of me getting wax near my cha cha, skip to the next post.

Today I went to a day spa for my first bikini wax done by someone other than me. I've done bikini waxing for myself for some time. I had a gentle wax I used and I didn't break out. The problem with doing it myself was accessibility (there's only so much you can see without a mirror) and time. I'd heat up the wax, let it cool enough to use, then do as much as I could stand in one sitting (which wasn't much).

I went to my regular brow place to get it done. I got my brows done first (easier to confront). I was a little concerned about the pain. It hurt at home, even if I did use the gentle wax. I told my esthetician about my concern and she assured me it wasn't bad. She uses hard wax for the bikini, which means she puts it on while it's hot and it cools down quick before she removes it. I was a little anxious. The idea of having someone with hot wax right beside my cha cha wasn't appealing. But I decided I'd give it a try before I pulled the wax out of my refrigerator and engaged in self-torture again.

It actually hurt less than I expected. The painful stuff was where the skin was sensitive, but the pain is gone and I got it done thirty minutes ago. She was very respectful and clinical about my cha cha and made me feel really comfortable. I just got the basic bikini done this time, but I plan on going back for more. She told me to come in monthly, but if I can't keep a monthly appointment I shouldn't shave because the hair will grow in thicker (good to know).

I highly recommend letting someone else do your bikini wax. It's a huge timesaver. For a great waxing in the Valley, go to Spoiled - A Day Spa.

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