Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Crisis of Faith

Okay, it's not really a crisis. I think my mind was made up all along, but I'm airing it out anyway.

Earlier this year, I was up for the Flirty Girls infomercial thing at the same time I was thinking about returning to school for dance class. I decided that if they contacted me, I wouldn't take the college jazz dance class because I would already be committed to three nights a week of dance through the infomercial. I didn't hear on the infomercial until I entered my second or third week of jazz dance class. It was a little late to just drop it (I thought), and I was dealing with the dog's death at the same time (among other things). I figured I could do both.

I missed one week because my back was sore, I had to sit out the last forty-five minutes of jazz class one night because I was sore from Flirty Girls, and I missed last week because I couldn't shake some bad food poisoning from the weekend. This means I'll get a lowered grade. I don't like low grades. That, and I don't feel like going tonight. I've been on the go, and now I'm doing pole classes four nights a week. I really love those classes, but I don't love the jazz class. It's not a bad class, but if it were a dude and I were dating it, I would've said we should just be friends two weeks ago.

I love having the student I.D. and I want to take other classes later, and I have fun going to school with Andrew, but I think I'm going to drop. My back is sore from last night's workout and I have a mountain of things to do at home that I won't be able to touch until Friday night (maybe). I hate being a quitter, but I'm going to embrace it. I've been thinking since I started the pole that it would be nice to just drop the jazz class. So I will.

I'm dropping out of college this semester, and it feels good.

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