Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dance Pants

I have dance classes at least four days a week, so I need plenty of wardrobe. The problem I run into is that most stores don't have my size when I get there. If they do have my size, the pants are too long, too loose or too ugly. I have a couple of pair of pants I bought for a shoot last summer, but I had to get them from the girls' section of Target. When I returned to the girls' section in search of more pants, there were none like them (even though they were simple yoga pants). These pants are pretty good, but I have to roll down the waistband so they don't rub my navel ring.

My search for pants took me to Old Navy where I found these great yoga pants. I don't have to roll down the waist since they're low-rise, and the length is right for being barefoot. The best part was that they were on sale for $15 a piece. I got two pair. If you need dance pants, I highly recommend hitting Old Navy this week.

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